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The Universe is Not a Tyrant, so why are you?

Stop dictating your path based on limiting beliefs!

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Hey guys and gals, it’s another Dream With Dan blog here for you and today we’re getting real about something: your tyranny of yourself!

Yup…you are the tin-pot dictator of your own world, and it’s time you were overthrown in a subconscious/belief system coup d’etat. But let’s back the truck up for a mo and contextualise…

It’s a common part of my teaching to talk about the need to “deliberately choose”. Whether that’s an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life or any other kind of life, deliberate choice is where it starts. This also requires mastery of our feelings. We have to deliberately choose to feel emotionally aligned with the outcomes that we want. 

Obviously this is harder than it sounds and especially so for some folks. This is why I have created tools to help clear you of your energy traps, so that you can then choose your state moving forward. 

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If you haven’t already, check out www.dreamwithdan.com/hc to download my free Heart Coherence Guided Meditation. This is a quick, effective clearing tool that is your first step towards ridding yourself of your tyrannical ways, clearing the ‘garden’ of your mind and preparing it for the seeds of something expansive. 

But Dan, I’m not a tyrant! I’m really nice, I treat others well, I help my neighbours out, I’m law abiding…

Yeah I get all that, but the point is: you are not allowing the universe to deliver the things in your life that you want! 

Not to keep beating the same old drum, but…well actually I think I will: the universe wants to give you what you want and it absolutely will! When you have a desire, it becomes possible for you. It’s there already. You just have to maintain an alignment with it and make choices accordingly, holding the frequency. This is where we all come unstuck though. 

We’ve all got the ability to generate within us the emotions associated with a desired outcome. Even if you’ve never experienced that outcome (and odds are: you haven’t, that’s why it’s a dream) you can still make it real for yourself and feel the change of energy within you. 

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I’ve had people say to me before:

“I know what I want, but I’ve never had it. So how can I know what feelings are associated with it?”

Well first and foremost, you know what the opposite feels like right? I mean, you understand the frustration and longing for whatever it is that you want. Well start with the opposite of that. I’d also postulate that, since you know what you want, you also have a fairly vivid picture of what that would look like to you. I mean…you want it don’t you?! Why do you want it? Because of the way it will make you feel…so you know how it will feel!!

So once you understand and know that feeling, you need to start treating every step, however small on the way to your main goal, as though it achieved that goal for you. Celebrate each win as though it was the final hurdle. This will lock in your creative ability and empower you to keep going. 

If you need any motivation in this, just think that every time you do anything less than this, you are rejecting your blessings and connecting energetically to what you don’t want! 

The universe gives us not only what we want, but what we are. You have so many blessings in your life right now just by virtue of the fact that you’re here! This is why I say: the universe is not a tyrant. You just need to stop allowing the programming and voices in your head, that have amassed over the years; to run the show and limit what blessings come to you. 

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So we have to clear those voices/beliefs using tools like the one above, but we also have to hear them. I had a great chat with Daniel B. Levin that’s going out this Friday on my Do it With Dan podcast. He really hammered home and articulated the point beautifully, that so much negative human behaviour is born out of the frustration from not being heard. The same is true of our inner voices. 

This is not about judging them or assigning blame, but just hearing them out. They are persisting because of your suppression and lack of attentiveness. Somewhere inside you still is the child who didn’t get enough love or the teenager who was bullied. They’re crying out to be heard and they are running amuck with your belief systems in the process. So hear them, don’t enact your tyrannical regime against them by ignoring what they have to say, and you’ll find that most of the time; they’ll stop.

Understand as well while you do this, that these voices/beliefs are not there to hurt you. In fact the prime role of the subconscious is to protect you. These limiting beliefs have been built up around shielding you from negative or hurtful experiences down the road. 

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The subconscious mind is your friend and it has been told by you, throughout your life, that this is what you want and it plays it out over and over again. How many recent divorcees have you heard say “I’ll never trust another man/woman again.”? Or any other absolute decrees laid down after an event that they perceived to be negatively charged, embarrassing and/or hurtful! Well that energy, that ‘voice’ stays there running the show and it will begin limiting you in lots of other ways. 

But: if you can hear it, you can clear it! If you can recognise it, see where it came from and contextualise it, you will find it much easier to put down and move on from. From there, you can start imprinting new, supportive beliefs that will carry you further than ever before. Think of all the work your inner voices have been doing to limit you, well the inverse is true and infinitely more expansive. 

That’s all from me. Much love and if you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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