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You Have Never Failed

You’ve always been a winner, you just didn’t know the game you were playing!

Hello fellow dreamers. 

I wanted to use this blog to really highlight something that, I think many of us misunderstand. You have not failed at anything. Ever. 

When you understand that we are all perfect, creating machines, and that we are constantly in a state of manifestation (even when we’re asleep). Your life up until this moment, is the sum total of all of your manifestations. You made it! 

I’ve said this time-and-time again; we have to reclaim our power by starting with accepting responsibility for who and where we are now, and for everything that we will create for our future. 

You see, a lot of the situations that we find ourselves in, that we might call ‘Failure’ are really just situations where we have chosen not to engage with an opportunity. Our power lies in our ability to choose, and so when we look back on a situation where we perhaps made a wrong choice, or felt like we didn’t consciously have control over our choice; we feel like we failed in that moment. Guess what though: that’s not a fail. 

I get it: we want to feel like we are choosing what is unfolding in our lives, and that we are always moving towards whatever goal or lifestyle we have set for ourselves. The thing is…aren’t we? I mean all of your manifestations and your journey has led you to this point right? So now you have the knowledge, you can choose to start being present and conscious in what you are creating. Congratulations!

You’ve always been a winner, you just didn’t know the game you were playing!

So I invite you to take a moment to celebrate the fact that, even though you may not have consciously chosen what you’ve created; every single thing that has shown up for you has been something that you have been successful in creating. 

Get rid of the compulsion to beat yourself up about the content of what you’ve created subconsciously, so far. Just remember that you have the power to start taking back control of the ‘choice machine’ that is your mind! 

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My love to you all. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and have an amazing day!

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