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Today’s Lesson: Judgement is a mother f**ker!

OK, forgive the profanity but it is there to make a point. I want to talk to you in this brief, but hopefully enlightening blog, about judgement. I want to impress upon you just how self-sabotaging it is to engage in. 

Someone who’s work I follow closely is Paul Selig. Fascinating guy. His work involves channelling energy from an entity that he calls “The Guides”. Now you may or may not be into that kind of stuff, that’s not really the point, but one of the interesting statements he made recently was “what you damn, damns you back”. 

I think many of us engage in judgement of other people, places and things without realising just how damaging that is to our own lives! I mean think how many people you come in to contact with on a daily basis (pandemic lockdowns not withstanding). How many of the do you think judge you? Do you know about it? Probably not, right? I mean who cares? F**k em!

So really, who are they hurting when they expend time and energy, thinking about how big your ass looks in those jeans or what kind of car you drive? Yep: only themselves!

Who comes off better here?!

The same goes for you! Judgement is simply energy wasted on concocting your own version of something or someone, seeing it for less than the divine creation that it is, in its natural state. Really, you’re just reflecting that s**t in your own life!

Something else you may not have considered is the illusion of separation. When you judge someone, you’re kidding yourself that you are completely separate from them. What you damn, damns you back right? So think about it: when you meet someone who is judging others left right and center, are you more or less inclined to want to engage with that person creatively and energetically? 

Exactly! They’ve damned themselves. Judgement is a Mother F**ker!! Or put another way: Hubris is a Mother F**ker!! What or who you judge and how you judge them, can only serve to speak more to who you are!!

So when you feel yourself being dawn into a judgement, just remember; even from a selfish perspective, doing so is really stupid. You’re just f**king yourself up!

Once again: please forgive the profanity. It is there to make a point and hey…don’t judge.


What you damn, damns you back!!

My love to you all. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and have an amazing day!

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