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Mastering Your Mind

The Flow Funnel Phase 3: shifting what’s possible

deep meditation relaxation Mastering Your Mind
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Welcome one and all to this third instalment in my blog series on The Flow Funnel. In this one we’re going to really speak to how and why mastering your mind is the gateway to your success. 

Perhaps more so than any other phase of the process of manifesting what we want: mastering our mind really is the most fundamental component. As we’ll go into – our minds filter out what they don’t believe is possible, making some things impossible for us to even see! 

Turn this around though, and you can make that filter start working for you. 

So why do I refer to the mind as a ‘filter’? Well, your reticular activating system, buried deep within the ancient, prehistoric, lizard part of your brain has been evolving over millennia. Its prime function is to corral all of the incoming information from your five senses, lose the irrelevant stuff and draw your conscious mind to the important stuff. 

The advantage of this is obvious: you can devote and direct your conscious mind to the important tasks that ensure your survival. If you’re hungry, you need to find something to hunt for example. You reticular activating system will start filtering out every other incoming sensation until you find something to eat. 

person holding cooked turkey on black round plate Mastering Your Mind
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You can doubtlessly see this in your day-to-day life when you’re working at your desk and you feel hungry. You start to lose concentration on your work, thoughts of “what’s in the cupboard” start to creep in and before you know it: your in the kitchen. 

Now we also have issues around need ing to check in with ourselves and interrogate what our subconscious is telling us. Things like: are you really hungry, or is this more of a ‘comfort’ thing. I’m not going to go into that today, but it’s also important. 

The thing to focus for us today is mastering your mind and using that powerful filter to start accepting new possibilities, while also looking for new opportunities on your behalf!

Yep – with enough practice, you can train your mind to do the heavy lifting for you!

Now I’m sure that you’re aware of this in some capacity. We duck in and out of flow in this way, accidentally all the time. I’m sure that you’ve had success in your career, for example and (for a while at least) you’ve been ‘on a roll’ with more opportunities coming to you, seemingly; out of the blue? 

woman holding a paper Mastering Your Mind
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Maybe it was in another area of your life. Your dating game could have been really strong for a while. Perhaps the football team that you play for has been on a winning streak lately, whatever it is; you know how that feels in some context. 

The most common example that a lot of people point to, usually unwittingly, is the one of buying a new car. You go out for your first few drives, beaming with pride, only to find that every other car on the damn road is the same one! You start seeing them everywhere!! Why? Because your mind has been so focussed on it, that it’s still acting out that programming. 

You’ve probably been scoring the internet from your sofa for weeks, looking at all of the cars that fit your budget, style, needs etc… Then you’ve gone round the forecourts, pouring over everything on the lot. Or maybe you’ve been speccing your car from new, spending hours at the dealership picking colours, trim, optional equipment and so forth. 

However you’ve done it, you’ve been steeped in ‘car’ for ages! Now that you’ve finally called said vehicle into your present, physical experience; your conscious mind wants to fawn over your new ‘baby’. Your subconscious mind, your reticular activating system in particular, is still running on the programming it was given. 

It didn’t get the memo that its work here is done! It doesn’t care about your new ride. 

So ok, this is a benign example of what I’m talking about, but hopefully you get the picture? Your conscious focussing of your mind on particular area, has an impact on your mind and how it operates. 

The fact is: you’re already adept at mastering your mind! You just think you’re not. 

What is the key then? How do we harness this subconscious power, consciously? It’s all about the narrative; the stories that we feed it. That’s what determine what is and isn’t possible for us. 

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We hear this in relation to the news cycle and mass media in general, right? The need to ‘control the narrative’. That’s because the story fires up our imagination, we begin to feel things in relation to it and start taking actions based on avoiding or indulging those feelings! This is especially acute right now, with vast swathes of the world in enforced isolation. We’re all going along with it because of the narrative. Yes there’s the threat of force from law enforcement, but they’re people too. If the narrative wasn’t compelling enough for them, things would be different. 

Ok so mastering your mind by tell it stories then: how does that work?

Well we’re going to look at that in the next article more in depth, but there are some things that you can start to do. You’re at least now aware of what’s going on, and I hope you’ve already awoken to the ways in which your subconscious has been showing you things, that seem completely out of the blue, but are actually based on input from you. 

The Flow Funnel Mastering Your Mind
The Flow Funnel

Armed with this; I want you to start watching for the signs. This might happen after the fact, that’s totally fine. Nevertheless, you can still intervene consciously and bring it into your awareness. 

I also want you to start, consciously surrounding yourself with people (where allowed) places and things that support the outcome that you want to see in your life. This also speaks to the importance of mentorship, but don’t worry so much about that for now. 

The main thing is to just start making that shift.

Really focus on choosing an environment that supports your goals, while removing (where possible) that which doesn’t. This isn’t a call to arms, to completely throw away your life and start again. Just to really begin assessing your actions and your environment, asking of each of them: 

‘Are you helping me to expand, or causing me to contract?

Remember as well that we’re talking about opening ourselves up to possibility, not absolute certainty. I know that a lot of our loftier aspirations might feel impossible, especially that (by their very nature) they’re completely different to what we’ve known up until now in our lives. 

So a hack for Mastering Your Mind is to start with “maybe” rather than “definitely”. 

Just by making this slight change, you’ll switch off that filter that only looks for certainty. This will set you on the path to introduce new experiences, however small, that will support you in the direction of your goals. 

woman walking on pathway under the sun Mastering Your Mind
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These pieces of evidence, be they seemingly big or small, will have a compound effect on your belief systems. Even the smallest sign that tells you, you’re on the right path is incredibly powerful, when it comes to the business of mastering you mind. 

I hope that this has been of service to you, and has opened your eyes to the possibilities that can come from mastering your mind. My intention for this series on the Flow Funnel is to really get you thinking about the relationship between your inner and outer worlds. You really can have a conscious influence over it all. It just takes awareness and action. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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