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Not everyone truly desires to be rich

“I just want to be rich!”

Yeah, but do you? Do you really? How often do we say that we want, consciously, more abundance in our finances, but the programs in the unconscious mind keep playing out and for one reason or another we just end up in the same place? Yes, because the mind just does not lose.

When I started teaching people how to apply the power of Beyond Intention to choose to have more abundance in their finances, there were some who fell away that had the integrity to say that they really weren’t in alignment with creating a million dollars or more.

Some of them recognised that they did need the money, but my coaching style is very particular in getting you to zero in on what you truly desire, and so for some; although the need masked itself as desire, the light of awareness meant that it was shown for it’s true self.

For those in my program, having a guide to show them that they have permission to honour their true desires (even though it meant that in some cases I was not able to serve them in the capacity of another program or offering) gave them space to actually step fully into that desire and start the work of bringing it into their lives.

Some people recognised that the disconnect with the intention to create massive financial abundance came from a deeper story. For some it was around worthiness, others that money is the root of all evil etc. Most importantly they were guided to a safe space wherein they could acknowledge that they were more attached to the story than they were to any desire for freedom. This honesty of attachment is the first step to breaking free from the bondage to this story and I honour their courage to do so.

In our lives we are often faced with a narrative that other people, places and things have thrust upon us as the truth that we are to live by. But the real truth is that not everyone has the desire to be rich, and the media and Hollywood have done us a disservice in telling us that this is for everyone. 

According to Professor Pepper Schwartz of the University of Washington in Seattle, a truly monogamous animal is epitomised by the goose, “which never mates again even if its mate is killed”. There are others who disagree with this, but one thing that pretty much all social scientists agree on (my generalisation) is that the primary drive over and above social partnering, is survival and replication value. 

Many, especially in the western world where social contracts have led to the collective agreements that this is just how things should be, find that the route to effective survival and replication is via a family unit built around monogamy. Most of our ancestors however did the family unit thing very differently and for some, despite evolutionary psychology leaving them as an outlier, there just is not the same desire to fall into line with this agreement and attempting to force non-desire can lead to frustration and unhappiness.

Intentions, according to thought leader Dr Joe Dispenza, require an elevated emotion in order to be brought to life. The intention must also be clear – I teach all about how to construct effective intentions in Stepping Beyond Intention, as well as via the intention setting cheat sheet available in the free resources on my website – but a key thing that people jump over is that the clarity is not so much in the words, as the feeling that the words generate.

As I swept over earlier, energy collapses from a primordial gloop of the infinite well of possibility to take shape as the physical matter we experience as our world. The double slit experiment (amongst other very clever and “sciency” things) demonstrated that an observer’s expectation on what they will witness, makes a difference in how energy takes shape. 

Overlaying this to our lives and what we set intention about experiencing, the very substance that our universe is made up of, that which will take the shape of the people, places and things that we experience as the outcome of our intention takes the shape of what we expect we will experience. 

Our expectations are not however communicated by the words we put down on a piece of paper, or even write in fairy dust under a new moon on unicorn hides holding crystals found only by the lake shores of  Wakanda dancing naked to Whale songs after being in a sweat lodge. Trust me, I tried this technique and don’t suggest it as the lakes of Wakanda are tricky to get to, especially when Mercury is in retrograde…

Our expectations are communicated by the truth of who we are at the moment of setting the intention or connecting to it, with who we are being a measurable vibrational frequency, expressed most discernibly by our energy witnessed in motion; our e-motions.

The law of attraction, which is really the law of vibration, in truth is not that you said the right spell under the right combination of celestial bodies. It is not that you said the right prayer to the right god with the right blood sacrifice. It is not that you did the right meditation for the right number of days with the right amount of sage burning in the air. Not that you read the right book the right number of times or went to the right workshop. Shockingly it is not even that you worked the right amount of hours and had the right number of sleepless nights.

It is just that who you are right now, with our without any of these things, matches the frequency of what you are intending as a quantum potential that shows up for you as all things do; in perfection to the instructions given.

How you feel is the measure of who you are as a vibration, and that vibration dictates what we experience because we can only experience what we are a vibrational match for.  

When we are consciously pushing for something that we have not aligned with at a subconscious level, we are just running into a brick wall, as the subconscious mind with it’s super speed will always have an edge over our conscious mind in setting the measure of how we truly feel inside. It is the same when we are trying to create from a space of need or lack – this is just not a conducive space emotionally from which to create a feeling scape that is aligned with expansive creation. Instead it lends itself more often to contractive outcomes that rarely reflect what the average person would consciously choose to experience.

That’s all for now folks! This blog was an excerpt taken from a chapter called “Alchemic Wealth Creation” that I wrote for someone else’s book.

If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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