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Reality wraps around how we feel

OK Dan, but if it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be a millionaire by now?

Well yes and no – yes because simplicity doesn’t always equate to ease and no, because not everyone wants to be a millionaire.

One of the three things that I learned failing to make some people millionaires (more on that in a bit) is that, well…a lot of people just aren’t all that interested in being a millionaire.

I mean they talk a big game, but when it comes down to it; they are actually pretty happy where they are in their life, even if that is in a state of not being all that happy at all.

Over the last 18 years that I have been in personal development and inner work, there are two big stories that I have witnessed in the world. The first is the illusion that there is not enough time – I wrote a book all about this that you can grab over on my website. The second story is that there just is not enough money.

When people start to talk about something not being there that they say they want or desire, I always get tickled a little.

Some people come from a place of truly needing– another thing that leads to some face palm action from yours truly. Why? Because need is a space of lack, which is the anti-thesis of a conducive space to create from.

The thing that it is being demonstrated with ever increasing evidence from the world of science, is that reality is not only a responsive experience, but that the dance of creation happens against the backdrop of infinite possibilities. Poetry aside, it is not “Simon” who says, but in fact clever people with fancy learning; that you can quite literally be and have anything… There is nothing that you can think of that is not already a potential for you to tap into.

We are pretty much in a primordial gloop of energy collapsing into what we perceive as physical matter. Everything is just energy awaiting instruction on what to show up as, with the potential to be absolutely anything we could ever imagine and so much more.

From this viewpoint, I have personally postulated (and I am not saying that I am the only one who has done so) that we don’t really create anything. Creation is already there and what we really do is connect to that creation and though that creation have the experience of it.

Bringing this back to my now seemingly deceptive title – the evolution of my work beyond that (which I share in my best selling book on the power of choice) is that there is an Alchemy to deepening this connection consciously with the outcomes we desire. That connection resulting in our “having” what we desire in our lives as a physical/emotional experience.

Whereas Beyond Intention is about taking back the driving seat, and stepping into our power to consciously choose our outcomes; Alchemic Life Creation (the topic that I primarily teach at my retreats) is about moving beyond the need to keep consciously choosing.

Choice is the disruptor that breaks us out of the pattern of unconsciously creating outcomes that we don’t consciously desire. This being the reason for my tickle earlier; we have to start recognising that we operate on a range of levels, and that not all of these levels will always be in alignment or agreement.

Depending on where you get your data points from, you’ll get a range of 10,000 to 10,000,000 in terms of how many times faster the subconscious mind is than the conscious mind. That is a pretty big advantage, and one that demands we give the subconscious mind some respect!

One thing that I always say, is “the [subconscious] mind does not lose”.

I’m going to leave it there for today guys. This blog was an excerpt taken from a chapter called “Alchemic Wealth Creation” that I wrote for someone else’s book.

If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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