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Taking Action: The Least & Most Important Part

The Flow Funnel Phase 4: Action

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Welcome back everyone, to my blog series on my Flow Funnel model – today we’re talking about taking action. It is the least and most important part of achieving our goals, and I’ll explain why shortly. 

Firstly, can I just say how incredibly humbled I am by some of the responses I’ve had to these articles? (That’s rhetorical, I  know I can…it’s my blog!) I’ve had some people write to me, to express just how much they’ve been encouraged by some of the messages and teachings. That’s such a beautiful thing, and exactly why I do what I do!

If there’s anything you would like to share, on this or any other topic; please pop a comment down below at the bottom of the page. I read every one and will respond to you with whatever I can, to help. 

Ok so: taking action then. 

What do I mean by it being both ‘the least and most important part of achieving our goals’? 

Least – because uncontrolled or misguided action, applied essentially at random, will produce chaotic results. You have to plan your actions meticulously, to the point that when it comes time for action: the work is essentially already done. Taking action should therefore feel effortless.  

Most – because without actually taking action: you won’t bring your intentions into your reality. You’ll just be stuck in a ‘perpetual planning loop’ with your dreams feeling just out of reach. 

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I know a lot of people who fall into both camps. There are those who are frustrated because they’ve been working their butts off to get somewhere, but nothing is showing up for them. They complain of unfairness, but really they could have everything they want with a bit more planning and alignment. 

Then I come across others, equally frustrated because they do their guided meditations every morning, curate their vision boards and bay at the moon every day; yet nothing is showing up for them. That’s usually because they’ve sought advice from someone, or a program, that hasn’t connected their guidance with action. 

If I put a million dollars in a bag, unzip it so it’s open and leave next to you with my blessing to take it…you still have to take action, if you want a million dollars!! Right? I mean you’d have to actually pick up the bag. So many people manifest the opportunities they desire, but they don’t follow through with the action of taking them!

Taking action is how we receive our manifestations. 

I believe that two-thirds of creation is inner work, but the last third is taking the action required in order to receive. If I want to experience something with my five senses, then I need to bring that intention into the physical word, by taking action. 

Taking Action to make steak and french fries on gray plate
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[Trigger warning for vegans] Fancy steak for dinner? Sure you can visualise the steak, mentally rehearse cooking it to perfection, letting it rest and taking each juicy bite. You can make it as real as you like in your minds eye, but unless you actually go buy the steak, learn how to cook it and take the action of doing so: aim’t gonna be no step for dinner!

OK so how can we get round this?

Here is a hack for you, that will help you get off the bench and into the game (so to speak):

See the primary function of action, is to create a follow through on our belief systems about how something must be manifested. It’s not a purely physical thing, dictated by the physical word. Our beliefs have a direct impact on the action we take, in order to manifest something.

Example: I met a lady once, she was lovely, but she was adamant that a pan of water would boil faster with the lid off. So much so that whatever science I could quote about thermodynamics, insulation or entropy; she was having none of it! So I guess for her, taking the action of leaving the lid off did (in a way) boil water faster.

Here’s another way to look at it.

If I know in my heart, and truly believe that eating burger and fries every day will make me fat; how can I conceivably hold the intention of being in perfect health, with the perfect body, and eat like that? I can’t. The two are in direct conflict and what they reveal (if I continue eating burgers and fries) is that, at a deep level, I don’t actually desire perfect health.

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So, when starting out, understand and work in alignment with your beliefs.  Don’t work against them, at least not from the outset. Over time you can begin to shift them, but if you start butting up against them; you’re setting yourself up for failure. Why? Because you’re pitting your intention against your beliefs. 

The most common application of this is around money. Do I believe that I can have $100,000? Yes! But do I believe that, if I close my eyes and concentrate real hard, that’ it’ll just appear next to men on my bed? no!

I can go out, into the world of business, create and exchange value until I have that amount in my bank account. Go to the back, withdraw the money and put it on my bed. 

Do you see the difference (besides the obvious)? One is taking action in alignment with my beliefs, the other is in contravention of them. 

Now I can do the work to keep expanding my beliefs around what is possible for me. That’s what my Money Game Book is all about. It’s based around generating increasingly large sums, but the principal can be applied to anything. 

Money Game

It uses very strategic methods, to establish the ‘edge’ of your beliefs and then slowly expand them. I’ve had some incredible results with this, in the work I do with my clients. So much so that I’ve had some people in my Micro 2 Millions program manifest tens of thousands in one go, just by expanding their beliefs around what can come to them spontaneously. 

Now even though this is about opening your belief system up to the possibility that increasingly large sums of money can come to you effortlessly, action is still required! Firstly you have some intentions to set by writing them down, but you also have to receive the money. 

I know that might sound like an obvious, daft thing to say; but it’s still overlooked by many. Often times it’s because it comes to them in unexpected ways. So they forget to acknowledge it as being what they asked for. 

This is it in a nutshell: taking action is really about being ready to receive. 

I get asked about vision boards all the time and what I think of them. I think that, in and of themselves, they do nothing! If, however, you use them to create space in your life for that thing to come to you; then they can work. 

It’s like some people who do things like: sleep on one side of their bed and keep an extra set of towels at home. They’re leaving space in their lives for a partner to come in and fill it. It’s not that they think that doing this alone will help them find Mr/Mrs right. They are simply taking action in alignment with their beliefs that they can find them, and in doing so: creating a conducive environment for it to come to them. 

alone bed bedroom blur
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They are taking action, in order to be ready to receive. They understand the role that action plays in bringing their intentions, from their inner world, into three-dimensional lived experience. 

That’s what taking action is all about guys, and why it’s both the least and most important part of creation. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this series of blogs on my Flow Funnel. I’ve really enjoyed putting these together and I hope that they’ve been of service to you. 

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