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Why We Should Celebrate Financial Abundance

Show me the moolah!

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Happy Friday all, congrats on putting one foot in front of the other. You made it to the end of another week! If you’ve already entered ‘wind-down mode’, then sit tight – you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find lots of juicy stuff on how to live a purpose-driven life. I’m here to help you seek abundance (because that’s the natural order of things), and joy (because joy is where it’s at)! Whether that’s in your personal or working life, you’ll find lots of materials designed to help you rethink and reshape your path to success. Which leads me nicely onto my subject of the day – the little thing I like to call ‘moolah’, and why we should celebrate financial abundance!

The power of financial abundance

Money, as we all know, isn’t the sole source of happiness. If this past year has taught us anything, we’ve made huge sacrifices within our communities – and all over the world – to preserve the health of ourselves and others. The love of our friends and family continue to move mountains during such uncertain times, felt even more strongly when living apart. Why then should we stop to celebrate financial abundance? Why is money so important? Shouldn’t we deprioritize ‘making money’ given everything that’s happened? As lovely as this idea may seem, the majority of us couldn’t live without it. Without money, it’s more than likely that we feel less empowered to do the things we need or love – from putting dinner on the table to planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. Financial abundance is not ‘material’ in that sense, but a tool as part of a holistic approach to fulfilment – however mundane that may sometimes seem.

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Financial abundance should be celebrated

Anyone that says money makes them miserable probably has more money than sense! The truth is, a strong income or the desire to earn more isn’t something you should be ashamed of. Quite the opposite! The power of financial abundance frees us to pursue life in the form that we so choose. When clients first come to me, they often touch on the subject of financial abundance quite early on. A common belief however, is that through meditation or some other spiritual practice, money will simply come to them with no action involved. While this may sound appealing (and as much as I’d love to meditate in the mountains) – chanting alone is not going to give you what you want! Whether it was a blog article, a podcast, or a bestselling book, just remember that some individual out there will have benefited financially – especially if you exchanged money for it. This is not a bad thing of course, as the majority of us have to make a living. But it does a good job at proving my point. Somebody used action to tell you the story that you don’t need to take any action! A little nuts, right?

Money is not the root of all evil

Contrary to what you may have heard – or may already believe – money or having financial abundance does not make you the Antichrist! It’s very easy for us to direct our negative energies towards others with financial abundance (when we ourselves are lacking in that area). And by financial abundance, I’m not talking fortunes here! It’s more about the ability to live happily within our means. It’s also understanding that through changing our mindset and setting an intention to achieve what we want in life, more money may be required as a result. Just take a second to think about your greatest achievements. Whether it was graduating college, starting your own business, or taking that first vacation with your kids. The majority of those milestones will of course be centered around the friends and loved ones you shared them with, but it was also money that allowed you to experience that sense of pride or joy in that moment.

Aligning with financial abundance

So, the next question I’m here to answer is: ‘how do I align with financial abundance?!’ You’ll be pleased to hear that I recently re-recorded my free video ‘3 Secrets to Becoming a Harmonious MONEY MAGNET: REVEALED’. But let me start with this. Money is energy, sure. But right now, our own energy is off. We are bombarded with messages of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. This continues to mess with our emotional state – and thus throws off our vibration! My guidance therefore is focused around the practice and action of making moves from a place of expansion, not a place of contraction. It’s also about assessing our own quality of thought. The choices we make and the actions we take that lead to our reality all happen on an unconscious level. The unconscious mind never fails, so it’s about developing a relationship with ourselves on that plane so that we can communicate our new choices, ideas and desire for abundance. Ultimately, this can prove the catalyst for effecting real change in our lives.

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You can’t make the first step if you don’t take it

So, you’ve ‘made’ the first step in your mind. But did you take it yet?! The final part of my practice does in fact represent the beginning or ‘arrival’ of change. Ask yourself, am I showing up every day in alignment with my beliefs on how to create financial abundance? Am I true to my own passions and desires, or am I still on the wrong path following someone else’s story? Have I found my flow and established my groove so that I’m making choices and taking action from a place of harmony? It’s also about being honest with that person in the mirror. We all have strengths and weaknesses, so what talent do we have at our disposal to create that emotional alignment in order to manifest what we’re seeking to create? Can we work with the unconscious mind to move towards an abundant existence of the things we consciously desire? Take a moment to check out my teachings, and it could mark the start of your journey to financial abundance!

My heartfelt thanks!

As ever, thanks so much for taking the time to hear my story! I hope it’s helped you on your journey to living a joyful life of financial abundance. If you’d like to find out more, there’s lots to explore. My recent title ‘Money Game’  is a great place to start, providing a step-by-step approach to leveling up your mindset in order to create that reality. Stick around on my blog, and you’ll find even more advice on how to live a purpose-driven life – in whatever area you seek abundance. And be sure to catch my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast when you’re next stuck for inspiration! Thanks folks, and sending much peace and love your way.

For more guidance on how to change your internal programming, to attract greater abundance and experience greater freedom, please click on the link below for free access to my:

‘3 Secrets to Becoming a Harmonious MONEY MAGNET: REVEALED’

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