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“Everything is Perfect”

What I Learned From The People I’ve Failed to Make Millionaires – Part 3

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Welcome everyone to this third, and final blog on What I’ve Learned From The People I’ve Failed to Make Millionaires. If you’ve yet to check out parts one and two, then I encourage you to go do so. This one is all about my hate of the phrase: “Everything is Perfect”!

Yes; HATE!

Why such a strong word? Well there is a power in that statement, but it’s so often deeply abused. We throw it out there without any real sense of agency or connection to it. 

Let me back up for a sec. We are creating everything around us all the time and if we’re not consciously doing so, then our subconscious is doing it for us. If you’re being bombarded by a bunch of subconsciously chosen outcomes, that you had no say in:

is that really perfection?

So many people use that phrase, while at the same time seeking to improve their lives! How does that work?!

So many people use that phrase, while at the same time seeking to improve their lives! How does that work?!

The truth is that, for a lot of people, the phrase ‘Everything is perfect’ is simply an excuse for not having to set a proper goal for themselves. If they throw it out there that everything is perfect, then there is no need for improvement, decision making or effort. 

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If we want to actually have a dream life of purpose, joy and abundance though; we have to recognise that we need a very strong foundation of consciously chosen outcomes, in order to build what we want. 

We have to actually want it though! This is the key.

Without that you just have imprecise, soft foundations on which your subconscious will build a house of straw. You’ll have no real leverage over yourself, because you don’t actually know what your striving for and therefore can’t motivate yourself to go after it!

I’ve spoken a lot about this recently with my Micro 2 Millions group, but the approach to an abundant life must be wholistic! Just saying “everything is perfect” when it really isn’t, can blind you to the areas of you life that desperately need attention!

So often people fixate on one area of abundance, usually monetary, ignoring that to be ‘abundant’ they have to be and abundant person. All the way through. What a lot of people have found as they go, is that they actually had huge pockets of ‘lack’ in their lives that needed filling in, before they could move forward to create an abundance of wealth. 

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Let’s change tack for a second, and let me remind you that we are all connected. This message is coming to you through a computer screen of some kind, but I spoke and then wrote it.

We’re all made up of the same cosmic energy, all vibrating at different frequencies.

At our human level of consciousness though, it’s very hard to perceive this and so what happens is that we fall into the illusion of separation. 

That’s at a macro-level though, let’s look instead at the micro-level of our lives: there is similarly no separation between the different areas of our lives. The way you show up in one, reflects the way you show up in most, even if on the surface: that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

How would you even really know if everything is perfect?!

In Beyond Intention I talk about ‘bleed theory’ which is the way in which you can positively impact your whole life, by healing specific areas of it. Think of it like a rain drop landing in the ocean: 

One was a rain drop and the other is the ocean; but it’s all water. 

It is the same with us as well. We are like an ocean and if we want to be abundant, we need to be so in all areas of our lives. 

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We can be healthy, well-rested and physically fit – but if we’re experiencing lack in our finances, which in turn is creating stress; then we are not living an abundant life. 

What we do in Micro 2 Millions a lot, is to invite people to focus on their financial abundance, so as to act like an in-road to healing in the other parts of their life.

The bleed over from moving out of financial stress and lack, to having more than they need, really begins to show up in other areas of their life. 

They can afford better food, better healthcare, more spa days, a personal trainer etc… This gives them abundance in every area of their life, which in turn begins to really perpetuate itself. And lest you think that I’m just stating the obvious; that ‘money greases the wheels’ – it works the other way too! When folks start to take care of the physical or mental health, sleep more and so forth; they begin to see a big uptick in their productivity and finances as a result. 

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Now some people just get caught up with the money, hit their ‘edges’ on what they could create, and just fell away. Maybe everything was perfect in some areas of their lives, maybe they even truly connect with that and believed it.

The trouble is, it’s not really perfection.

Or at the very least: that perfection was not being allowed to bleed over into the other areas of their lives. So they were not seeing themselves as wholistic beings, with the need to reflect true abundance in every aspect of their lives. 

So how do we combat this?

Here are some steps you can take: 

  1. When you step out to create something (be that a new car or starting a new business venture) ask yourself – why?! Get that nailed down and then use it to have sufficient leverage over yourself, to push through all of the barriers that will pop up through your journey and get in your way.
  2. Understand that the true reason is probably going to be a lot deeper than it appears on the surface. For example: when I was doing a review of my five pillars (the five main pillars of my life) I did something called the ‘Seven Levels Exercise’ which is something I do a lot with clients. The main aim of which is to get to the real heart of why you want something.

    When I examined my desire for financial freedom, it really boiled down to my desire for a deep spiritual connection with others. So when I step into a space of financial abundance – I know where I’m doing it from, and thus I can do so more effectively.
  3. Have an honest audit of your life. Really look truthfully at the areas in which you are happy and the ones in which you’re not honestly expressing yourself. Do that and then ask yourself:

    What would it look and feel like for me to have perfection in these areas too?

    Really focus on how it would feel, and then I want you to jot down three emotions that you associate with having a wholly, perfect life. 
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You have to rid yourself of this idea of separation and embrace yourself as a wholistic, connected being.

You’re a raindrop sitting in the ocean!

A lot of people hit a wall when trying to create financial abundance for themselves, because they don’t really know why they’re doing it. They look past all of the pockets of lack that they have, and call it ‘perfection’.

I have a bunch of free resources that you can use to start your journey towards financial freedom, abundance and beyond.

If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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  1. Dianne J. Shaver

    As always, I enjoy your blogs, Dan. I use every bit of your insights to apply to my life and learn more about where I am right now and where I want to go and why. Many thanks for all your work.

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