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Q&A Blog – Ashley Mince – Short V Long Term Goals

Answering Your Questions 

I am incredibly excited to be able to be able to answer your questions directly. This is a fantastic way to, in the one sense: provide bespoke value to individuals, but also to hopefully articulate feelings or blocks that you might be having. So without further ado…

“Should you make different Vision Boards for shorter and longer term goals?

-Ashley Mince –

Here’s the thing: 

I don’t really believe that there is a difference between long-term and short-term goals. The only difference between them is time.

Now, I understand that we have things that we believe will take longer to come to fruition than others. The most important thing for us to do, regardless, is to remember that everything that we set out to create is only going to show up, if we believe that it is possible for it to. 

So when we say “I am going to achieve or possess this thing, but it can only happen later in my life” we have already begun to create limitations! Regardless of whatever tool we use to bring it into our world, we’ve already said that it’s going to take longer. 

Does our subconscious automatically follow our conscious expression of that?

No, not necessarily. We could still, at a deep level believe that it could happen in a shorter space of time. 

Our relationship to our inner mind is often expressed in spontaneity: things that are said off the cuff, states that we naturally move into etc… 

Our instinctive ideas, as we express them in terms of their longer or shorter term obtainability; are often an indication of what is going on at a deeper level. 

So, with all of that said, addressing Ashley’s question directly: it’s up to you! 

Ok that might seem like a cop out answer, but really it depends on how much weight you even give to mood boards and mind movies as a whole. If you don’t give them much credence, they are unlikely to work out for you at all, long or short term. 

What it ultimately comes down to is the emotional state that something like a mood board evokes within you. How well does that emotional charge work, to break down your belief system around the possibility for you to achieve your desire? 

If you are looking to a vision board to be some “magical pill” that’s going to fix everything for you, then it’s probably not going to work anyway. The vision board is just tool after all, to evoke the alignment in you with the outcome. It’s more important to have a very clear intention that allows you to step into an emotional connection to it and believe that it is possible. If a vision board helps you with any of that: great!

 Shorter or longer term goals though…I don’t really see much of a difference in terms of the work needed to manifest them. 

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