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When it all goes wrong, look inside.

If it’s not happening for you, then something is not in alignment!

I wanted to take a moment today to help really identify what’s going wrong for you, when things just aren’t showing up. When you have set an intention, but for whatever reason: it just ain’t showing up!

I know how frustrating it is, when we’ve done the hard work, we’ve followed the rules, done everything right…and yet, it’s still not showing up for us. 

I’ve been playing with this idea for several days, ever since I did my live interview with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley (which I encourage you to go and listen to, whoever you get your podcasts from). It has helped me crystallise more of an understanding around contrast, and things not really being in alignment with our story or our perception of what we want. I’ve also been formulating ways to deal with that. 

One resounding truth that always resonates with me, whenever I consider this concept of things not happening for us, when we’re doing everything right, is: 

There is no special dispensation for you or I, when it comes to the natural laws of how things work.

That is to say: it doesn’t work one way for you, one way for me and a different way for somebody else. We are all subject to the same laws and the same terms. If it’s not happening for you, then something is not in alignment!

When everything is in alignment with a thought, that thought has to show up. So if it isn’t showing up and you’re doing everything right physically (you’re work, choices, company that you keep etc…) then something is going inside, that is pulling you out of alignment. 

Now, as I often say: if you are wondering what is going on inside; look at what is going on outside. Your environment doesn’t lie. If you are seeing results that are outside of what you have set as an intention, then it means that there is definitely something going on inside. 

So how can we get in check with what’s going on inside? 

We need to check in with our inner self and the feelings we have around our goal. Often times this is where people uncover that, actually, they have a great deal of resistance to an outcome. It could be guilt about having more than someone else, or worrying what others will think. 

If you live generally poor area, you might have guilt around creating wealth for yourself; for example. Or if your friends are struggling with the relationship that they’re in, or can’t find someone to be in a relationship with; you might be resistant to finding a good relationship for yourself, or taking the one that you’re in to the next level, for fear of upsetting them. 

You might have a clear vision of everything that you want for yourself, and being mindful of creating the right environment and company for yourself to receive everything you desire…BUT…inside there is a feeling of unworthiness or guilt, it will likely be pulling you out of alignment. 

It’s important for you to be able to spend time, in silence with yourself. To really practice the art of being able to listen to and commune with your inner being. This takes time to perfect, but it’s an intensely powerful and important skill. To just be in a space where your inner being can talk to you and show you where you have resistance. 

Something that came up from a really great “Devine Matrix” session I had with Lenna Gerber (check her out if you can) was the need to build a relationship with my intuition. A brilliant but simple tool that she gave me was: 

Look at questions to which you already know the answers, and ask yourself how you feel about it. 

As you answer this, pay attention to the shifts in your body and your energy field. Really figure out where your intuition is speaking to you from. Interrogate your feelings and really try to figure out what your intuition is saying to you through them. 

You’ll start to uncover all of the gremlins, people, places and/or things that are keeping you resistant to whatever it is that you are consciously seeking to create. 

Now the inverse is also true, right? We can do all the inner work, create alignment in our intuition, spirit, energy field etc… then just sit on our ass and take no action. The would also preclude us from having what we desire show up for us. Physical action (or lack thereof) is perhaps easier to point to and target as something that we’re not doing. 

The inner work is what takes time, but when we have complete alignment with our inner and outer worlds, our intentions have to show up for us! 

That’s all for today. Please head over to wherever you get your podcasts from and subscribe to the ‘Do it With Dan’ podcast. We have tons of great guests and lessons over there, broken down into easy to digest chunks. I’m also on Youtube and put out regular blogs here. So check them out! 

Till next time: keep dreaming with your eyes open!

There is a dance happening between you and the universe when you do that, and the results in your life will be spectacular, I promise. 

That’s all I have for you, for today. Please leave me a comment below if you found this useful or if you’ve seen great things show up for you, simply by holding your integrity and being consistent. 

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