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Shifting Reality Using Our Feelings

The Flow Funnel Phase 2: Choosing how we feel

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Welcome back Dreamers, to this second blog in a series I’m doing on my Flow Funnel model. This week we’re going one level deeper and talking about how reality wraps around how we feel. We’re going to look at our emotions, what they really mean for us and how we can use them, in shifting reality and pursuing our goals. 

So I suppose the first thing to point out is that; we know and can measure for an energetic body that is outside of our physical one. That has been scientifically established. 

Put another way: we exist beyond what we can feel with our five senses. 

Now how we interpret this with the flow funnel is that, when we want to call something into our experience; we have to align all aspects of our being with it. This is the only way that we can bring it into our lived experience. 

The Flow Funnel shifting reality

In the same way that I actually have to be in a physical space, in order to say that “I’ve been there.” This requires the alignment of my energetic self (I have to create the intention to go there) and then my physical body (I have to physically occupy the space).

If my energetic body is not aligned (i.e. I don’t know of said place, or I don’t want to go there) then I’ll never conceive of that intention. If my physical body isn’t aligned with it (say the place is the top of Mount Everest and I need to train before I can climb it) then I’ll never get there either, because I won’t be equipped to make the journey. 

This requires the alignment of the inner and outer, but at a more fundamental level: it requires that we align our belief systems as well. 

I’ve said it a bunch of times here by now, but: if we don’t believe something is possible, then it will not show up for us.

This also ties into unworthiness. So many people don’t believe that something is possible for them, at a deep level, because they don’t believe themselves to be worthy of it! They are shifting their reality with their feelings of unworthiness, to one of lack.

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If we want to experience something, we must start by aligning ourselves energetically. By calling in the emotions that we will feel when we physically experience the outcome that we’re seeking. This has the effect of preparing and relaxing any subconscious resistance we might have to that outcome, and also generating the leverage that we need over ourselves to get there. 

Our emotions ‘front-run’ our physical experience. They’re already shifting reality for us!

This is not to say that if we just sit around, feeling elated because that’s how we’ll feel when we earn our first million; a million dollars/pounds/euros etc… will show up for us. More that: it can only show up because we a feeling those feelings. 

It’s not that feeling it, makes it show up. It’s that feeling it is the gateway to it showing up. 

We’re shifting reality to one in which you having a million dollars, is possible. You still have to take the action to receive it.

This also speaks to the importance of finding your ‘why’. When you truly do the work of digging deep and truly discovering why you desire something, it cements it in your future experience. Again: this is not a woo-woo way of conjuring up a million bucks. It’s about setting the intention, energetically and so firmly inside you – that the outcome is inevitable.

You will move heaven and Earth to get there. 

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In order to have a true grasp on you ‘why’ though, you need to know how you’ll feel. After all; if we’re searching for an experience, it must ultimately be for the emotional payoff that we’ll get as a result, right?

You don’t actually want a Ferrari, you want to emotional state you’ll be in when you drive it, park it outside your tennis club, on the driveway or whatever.

And by the way: that’s all good! 

Try to remove judgement from the equation. Especially if what you desire is more wealth. All of the judgement that you maybe have around ‘rich people’ and all that; needs to go! Otherwise you might as well forget attempting to be one. That way lies nothing but self-loathing, shame and ultimately ruin as you try to fall on your financial sword out of guilt. 

You need to be able to close your eyes, imagine a day in the life of you, having attained whatever experience you’re looking for; and observe the physical feelings that crop up in your body. It could be butterflies in the pit of your stomach, skin tingling, a quickening heart beat and so on… Just be aware of it and try to become so aware of it, that you can recall it at will later on. 

What you’re really doing here, is setting your emotional frequency to be aligned with your desired outcome. Thereby: shifting your reality.

It’s effectively setting yourself up as an ‘electro-magnet’ set to the frequency of the outcome that you want, and attracting it to you from the universe. 

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This is what I mean when I say that reality wraps around how we feel. You can view it through the more esoteric lens and go down the rabbit warren with all that, but you can also lay it out practically. 

I’m sure that there have been things throughout your life that you’ve wanted, felt and achieved. This is shifting reality!

Probably without seeing it in those terms. The alignment was so innate within you that you didn’t have to break it down like that, but nevertheless; you shifted reality to attain it. It could be anything. 

Maybe it was saving for a holiday in the sun. You knew that you wanted to take a break somewhere warm and pleasant. So much so that you could feel it on your face and the sea breeze in your hair. You knew exactly the kind of hotel or resort that you wanted to stay at, what the rooms would look like, pool etc…

I know that a lot of people, myself included, find smell to be a tremendous trigger for memory. The smell of suntan lotion, for example, tends to be a big one for folks. Why? Because it’s replicating the experience of a summer holiday for part of your physical being. In this case: your olfactory system. 

So you book your holiday, flights, airport parking, transfers etc… There’s your intention. And then, barring any physical impediment or drastic life event: you pack your bags, drive to the airport and away you go.

The experience is yours!

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I know that this might seem to be a relatively mundane example, but it really is the same with whatever you want to achieve. How you feel right now, is planting the seeds for what you will experience in the future. Your reality, with enough leverage over yourself, will wrap around how you feel. 

Hopefully you can see now how you can apply this aspect of the Flow Funnel in shifting reality to include most anything you’d care to create?

If you want any further guidance on shifting reality using feelings or anything else I’ve spoken about in my blog, podcast or anywhere else: top me a line! Either via my Contact Page or in the comments section below. 

I’ll catch you next week for my third and final article on the Flow Funnel

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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